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The Tribute Master

Jason Savage in his Zoot Suit.My work can be summed up in a few sentences. The collage format depicted as puzzle pieces is my trademark. Images in some pieces have superimposed, embossed and blended, hand drawn Gothic letters that impart a message to the viewer. They are not that easy to read. That’s the challenge.  I’m Jason Savage – @TheTributeMaster.

I have always been intrigued by puzzles. Several years after displaying my kinetic resin sculptures in the Spoleto Festival USA 1979, I began designing ciphers that used symbols to represent letters.

Ocracoke Island TributeIn 2001, I did my first Gothic puzzle featuring one of my favorite island locations – Ocracoke, NC. I wanted a distinctive way to remember the different venues and a unique format to impart a personal message. I wanted people to look at the imaging from two totally different perspectives. This design led to further refinements and ways to create different puzzle pieces.

These memories, as you will see, can be developed in many ways. The Gothic element (hand drawn Gothic letters) is incorporated to impart a personal message. The letters can be blended into the piece, as they are in the Ocracoke Puzzle, or they can be placed in the borders. These compilations are designed to capture a person’s memories – their loves, their loses, their successes. Or they can reflect history.

They represent a point or points in time. The puzzle theme reflects memories as a compilation of pieces. These canvas heirlooms can be passed down through generations.

I am now getting back to my original development of linear graphic compositions. I moved away from that endeavor years ago, but I intend to resurrect it. Read more about the effort here.

I coined my compilations Resolvative Art. “Resolve: noun – a resolution or determination made, as to follow some course of action.” The action is reading or deciphering the piece. The use of simulated puzzle pieces along with Gothic lettering is my trademark.

If a design is a solo commission, the one-off print is an Original Digital Art Giclée. The owner of the original print decides what is to be done with the digital files. The files can be destroyed, or the print owner can archive the files in case the original gets destroyed and they want to replace it. Photographs are supplied by the client, or I can do the photography if the piece is about an event. Pricing depends on many factors including the number of images, overall size, imaging (digital, scanned, photography), etc. A 24″ x 30″ commissioned canvas Giclée having 30 puzzle sections would run around $1,850

Pricing estimate for a Precious Memories™. This pricing assumes a 31.5″ x 42″ piece having 30 images. Each puzzle piece is cut out of basswood, a canvas Giclée print is affixed to each piece, and then the pieces are assembled and affixed to a backing board. Border pieces are done in the same manner. The assembled original is then framed. An estimated cost for a commissioned piece with those specifications would be $5,000 not including Shipping & Handling. That assumes all photos and captions can be delivered via CD. This is a true original that cannot be duplicated. Contact me about your Precious Memories™ Giclée Original.

Savage Autobiography CD (Flip Book)

Zoe & Me Plus. What does that mean? This book was originally envisioned to be about a period in my life living with my bi-color Manx cat Zoe. I began to write just after she passed away on May 2, 2002. I’ve worked on this book for thirteen years. It’s now August 2015. As I wrote, I decided to make it a full fledged pictorial autobiography. This book includes over 1,500 photos, some dating back to the early 1900’s.
Zoe and I are still a prominent feature. The Plus adds my parents, sister, friends, my other companion animals, and the wild animals with whom I worked, particularly tigers. I thank Dr. Michael Bleyman for his dedication to saving the tiger and educating me on that effort. You can read about the Tiger Preservation Initiative on the Zoe Foundation Web site at
If you purchase my ebook and don’t have an EPUB reader, I recommend Sigil – It does a great job presenting the complete pages as written.
You can purchase the ebook from Lulu.
The Precious Memories artwork honors my mother's life beautifully! Not only that, but this is a keepsake that will hang in my home for generations to come.
The Tribute Master - Raleigh NC - Matthew Schieltz
Matthew Schieltz
Thank you for the beautiful, meticulous, so appropriate tribute marking my brother's 70th birthday! We were all so impressed and thrilled with your work!
The Tribute Master - Raleigh NC - Patsy Howard
Patsy Howard
"The montage you did for my family is a real work of
art and is something that can be passed from generation
to generation."
The Tribute Master - Raleigh NC - Coralee Leonard Tribute
Coralee Leonard