Each Precious Memories™ commemorative are distinctive. This work has evolved since I introduced my first kinetic Lucite sculpture in 1979 at the Spoleto Festival USA. Most of my pieces now incorporate Gothic lettering, either around the main theme or within it.

The collage format depicted as puzzle pieces is my trademark. Images in some pieces have superimposed, embossed and blended, hand drawn Gothic letters that impart a message to the viewer. I drew the lettering in the early 1980’s. They are not that easy to read. That’s the challenge. The message is meant to be hidden. Decades down the road someone viewing the piece will discover and read the message.

I have coined the term ‘Resolvative Art’ to describe my work. The pieces can only be resolved when the message is understood. If you commission a Precious Memories™ commemorative, you tell me the message to include. Click on each piece below for an enlargement.